About Us


Courier & Logistics

5D Logistics is a non-asset-based Courier & Logistics agent provider that specializes in introducing closed-source technology to small and medium-sized shippers and businesses. Our services assist them in efficiently managing their transportation expenditures.

Our industry-leading technology equips our customers with the necessary tools to control their freight and transportation costs while enhancing visibility in their distribution network.

How it Works:

1. Enter your pick-up location, drop off location, and items

OR Send Us A Email With pick up and drop off information.

2. Schedule your delivery
3. Get tracking updates of your delivery

5D Logistics specializes in Last mile, Middle mile, Final mile, Logistics services. We offer a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for delivering cargo.

Businesses love to use 5D Logistics for:

• Final Mile Delivery
• Middle Mile Delivery
• LTL Shipping
• Freight Broker
• Jobsite Delivery
• Courier Service
• Routes and Multi-stop Deliveries

Business partners may also reach out to our business development team to request enhanced delivery reporting and concierge account management services.

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Our goal is to lead and innovate in cultivating strong relationships with customers, employees, and vendors by surpassing their expectations through our skilled workforce, technological expertise, and commitment to value. We gauge our success based on our ability to streamline your logistical requirements. Your product is our top priority.